The Smol Dungeon banner image.
You feel compelled to go down...

A rogue-lite dungeon game for iPhone and iPad.

Enter the SMOL DUNGEON if you dare. You seek the noblest of treasures, THE CHALICE. But beware! There are DANGEROUS MONSTERS in this dark place. Navigate through the depths of the SMOL DUNGEON using your wits, TRAPS, and TELEPORTERS. Mind the BLOOD.



A Smol Dungeon level featuring the player and two monsters.
The Smol Dungeon interface.
A Smol Dungeon level featuring the player and a monster. The monster has triggered a trap laid by the player.
The Smol Dungeon interface.
The Smol Dungeon Gallery. The gallery's slots are empty, inviting the player to explore the dungeon and fill the gallery.
The Smol Dungeon interface.
Place traps to defeat monsters.
Teleport to safety.